Julia Rogers is the Founding Director of EnRoute Consulting, President of the Board of the Gap Year Association and co-host of the podcast Gap Year Radio. Julia is a tireless advocate of the gap year option and an enthusiastic mentor to each of her students. In 2018, EnRoute celebrated its ten year anniversary and was the first consulting firm to be accredited through the Gap Year Association accreditation process.  During her tenure, Julia has guided hundreds of students through the planning and execution of meaningful gap year experiences.

After graduating from Hamilton College in 2006, Julia volunteered as a peer educator where she spent nine months focusing on public health outreach and women’s empowerment in the remote and tiny community of Nyanyembe, Tanzania. Impressed by the degree of personal growth in her fellow volunteers who came straight out of high school, Julia was inspired to encourage more young Americans to take advantage of a gap year before beginning higher education.

Julia’s mission at EnRoute Consulting is to empower high school graduates to use a gap year to expand their cultural horizons, challenge their comfort zones and follow their curiosity in order to become more compassionate, driven and resourceful global citizens. She regularly challenges herself through travel as well – volunteering on organic farms in Thailand and New Zealand, trekking in Nepal, surfing in Ireland and, most recently, traveling solo throughout South Africa to research a wide variety of programs.

In addition to exploring the world, Julia enjoys snowboarding, traditional archery, volunteering, mountain biking and hiking the mountains near her home in Stowe, Vermont, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters.

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