In the days before the world had been fully charted, mapmakers would draw dragons to represent lands that were still unknown. Bold explorers who ventured beyond the map’s edge were said to go “where there be dragons.” There are still people who live for this type of adventure; who live in search of the meaning and mysticism that accompany adventures into the unknown. If you are one of them, come join us. We run programs for people like you. Founded in 1993, Where There Be Dragons is recognized as the leader in cross-cultural education. We specialize in guiding summer and semester programs for high school and college students in 17 countries in the developing world. Each Dragons course is carefully crafted to cultivate global citizenship, leadership, and self-awareness within our students. Every year, Dragons students return home better prepared to be leaders in thought, leaders in action, and most of all, leaders at heart.

Program Location(s): International — Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa
Phone: 1-800-982-9203

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