VISIONS summer programs are built on the pillars of meaningful service, full cultural engagement and adventurous exploration. Our student volunteers work among Blackfeet and Northern Cheyenne people on Montana Indian reservations and with indigenous Athabascans in Alaska, as well as abroad in South and Central America, the Caribbean and Cambodia. Programs are 12 days to four weeks long, and some sites include Spanish or French language immersion.

We believe that stepping outside of ourselves and encountering new perspectives fosters profound and positive growth. We know that young people who engage in meaningful service work within an inclusive/intentional group dynamic gain an enduring sense of purpose and fulfillment—it’s been our program model for 30 years. Our students settle into the daily life of another culture, accomplish shared goals, participate in community-building and in the process, begin to feel a sense of deep connection. As one of the oldest international summer service organizations for teenagers, we celebrate this connectedness—and the hope it holds for the future.

Program Location(s): Alaska, British Virgin Islands, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Montana, Peru
Phone: 406.600.4567

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