The Up with People program provides an international gap year experience like no other. Our semester or year-long touring program immerses our participants into many different cultures each and every day. Through our unique blend of music and social action, travel and host family stays, we provide an in-depth experiential learning environment that will prepare you to navigate today’s complex world, no matter where your life journey takes you!

As a premier global education program, we impact young people and communities worldwide in deep and lasting ways. By using music to unite and inspire, we spark others to think more broadly about their world and forge connections among diverse cultures. We are committed to empowering young people to find their voice to make a positive change in the world, and developing a culture of global citizens who aspire to create a more hopeful, trusting, and peaceful world.

Each year, Up with People sends two touring casts made up of 100+ international young adults out into the world. Over 18 – 20 weeks, the cast will visit between 15 – 18 communities on at least two continents. Each community on our tour experiences a week-long intercultural immersion, filled with community service projects, educational workshops, and cultural celebrations, all culminating in an inspiring international musical show.

Program Location(s): USA, Europe, Central America
Contact: Beyah Rasool
Phone:  303.460.7100

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