What takes your breath away – shooting the rapids on the Deschutes River, or the look on a child’s face when you hand her the keys to her family’s first house? This is your year. Do both with Tivnu. Come to exciting, forward-thinking Portland, Oregon to discover your passions, skills, and a beautiful part of the country. Make an impact on the lives of people experiencing homelessness, rising through poverty and adversity. Pick up the challenge of ensuring access to clean water, healthy food, and a decent education. Build a caring home, a compassionate city, an ethical and inclusive country.

Discover your passions and effect real change through hands-on internships

Learn about complex social justice issues in a Jewish context

Explore Portland and the Pacific Northwest through hiking, rafting, camping and more

Build a community with friends who value dedication and commitment

Transform your perspective on the world and your community

When 17-to-20-year-old Tivnu gap year participants show up at their internship placements, the real work begins. Four and a half days a week, you will cook meals, teach GED skills,  grow food with kids in a community garden, or build houses with Habitat for Humanity. At Tivnu, we match your passions and commitments to the needs of Portland’s grassroots organizations, so that both you and the community can thrive. Your hands may get dirty, you may go home each day covered in bits of sawdust, compost or eraser shavings … but you’ll go home knowing you did real work. Tivnu: Tools to build a better world.

Tivnu: Tools to build a better world.

Program Locations: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 503-232-1864
Email: info@tivnu.org
Website: tivnu.org/gap-year-program

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