Program Location(s): South and Central America – Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador and Peru

Africa – Madagascar, Tanzania and Namibia

Cambodia, Borneo and the Phillippines.

Phone: 01672 519922

Standing out from the crowd

We deliver travel experiences that you can’t create yourself.

Our programs include a fun and dynamic itinerary of multiple locations, projects and adventure activities providing you with an ever-changing travel experience. With our in-country leaders on hand, you are able to hit the ground running, exploring your new surroundings and contributing from the moment you arrive without having to worry about logistics.

From 2 weeks to one semester.

Team Travel

You are not alone, you will travel with a team of like-minded, fun gappers who are all looking to have a good time and contribute to a mix of conservation and community projects.

We are a small caring company

In the background we remove the stress by helping with your travel admin. You’ll have someone to turn to before, during and after your program.

And we make sure we match your expectations. The fact that we are in the UK is not a barrier as we send many Americans away and happily make long distance phone calls.


We are members of the UK’s Year Out Group and the first UK company to be accepted as members of the Gap Year Association.

Friendship, teamwork, social responsibility, personal growth, contribution, challenge, fun and your safety is at the heart of all we do.

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