LEAPNOW runs LEAPYEAR, the only gap year program that is a full academic year in length, focuses equally on international travel and your inner journey and features a fully integrated and accredited year of college and rites of passage.

With LEAPYEAR you can take a year “on” without having to take a year “off.” LEAPYEAR includes 3 months of guided group travel and adventure in Asia or Latin America (your choice); a 3-month individual internship chosen from a database of over 6,300 opportunities in 126 countries; and 4 residential retreats at our California campus devoted to making a graceful and inspired transition into adulthood.

The program is accredited through Naropa University, with FAFSA access to Federal financial aid and generous private scholarships. LEAPYEAR is an antidote to too many years spent in stale classrooms, and will help you “get a life” before you get the rest of your education.

Program Location(s): International — Asia, Latin America
Phone: 707-431-7265
Email: info@leapnow.org
Website: www.leapnow.org

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