High Mountain Institute

HMI Gap Semesters are designed to be a unique and refreshing break from our busy world, an uninterrupted journey of adventure, self-discovery, and growth. With rock climbing and wilderness programs in Patagonia and the American West, students spend three months traveling to some of the world’s wildest places, gain competence as outdoor adventurers, and give back by getting their hands dirty helping with real-world conservation projects. We emphasize building an intentional, inclusive community, where students make lasting friendships with people who encourage them to become their best self.

Since 1998, HMI has offered empowering programs for all ages in inspiring surroundings, boldly uniting place-based and hands-on learning with the natural world. Students return from HMI transformed, carrying with them the confidence, passion, and readiness to excel in college, graduate school, and beyond. Our alumni stand out in an increasingly competitive environment, as colleges and employers view HMI alumni as risk-takers in the best sense who have the skills to collaborate with peers, communicate with people who hold diverse perspectives, and build trusting, affirming relationships. We strive to be one of the most important, defining educational choices our students will make during their lifetimes.

Program Location(s): Domestic— Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Canyonlands of Utah; International- Peru, Patagonia (Chile and Argentina)
Phone: 719.486.8200 x1
Email: gap@hminet.org
Website: www.hminet.org/about-hmi-gap-programs

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