Cow House Studios is thrilled to offer FieldWorks, a hybrid residency and enrichment program designed to give students ages 18 to 22 an opportunity to make new work in a remarkable location while being challenged to approach their creative practice from new perspectives. During this 12-week multidisciplinary course, there is a particular focus on each participant’s individual creative process, where one-on-one tutorials provide guidance for further research. In addition to time spent in the studio, there will be weekly organised trips to Dublin, the West and other points of interest in the Southeast region with a particular focus on artist-led initiatives and studio visits with accomplished Irish artists, designers and curators.

At Cow House Studios, above all else, we value process, the belief that a rigorous dedication to time spent in the studio yields exciting possibilities for new ideas and artworks. At the core of FieldWorks curriculum is meaningful, uninterrupted time in the studio and its beautiful surroundings making art. Days are punctuated by immediate feedback from instructors and peers, accelerating the creative process, whereby single days can yield an exceptional amount of productivity. This adherence to process rather than the finished result can be liberating but also essential to making connections that one might never dream up otherwise.

Recognising that many artists think through ideas by grappling with new materials, our workshops introduce students to processes and mediums that can expand the scope of their practice. It is often the case that new processes can ignite a dormant avenue of thought and our studio demonstrations are intended to provoke these new possibilities. Additionally, Ireland has a vibrant and diverse creative community and as a member of this community, we are keen to share it with our students. The network of practitioners that make and support challenging and creative work has much to offer. Among the most resourceful of professionals, artists are keenly aware of the possibilities within their surroundings and in each other. This resourcefulness is at the core of Cow House Studios’ own crafting and we believe essential to any creative practice.

Program Locations: Fieldworks is based at Cow House Studios, Co. Wexford, Ireland. During the program we take weekly excursions in the locality, as well as trips to the Dublin and the west of Ireland.
Contact: Rosie O’Gorman
Phone:  + 353 (0)53 916 9567

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