Edu-Odyssey provides gap year and undergraduate programs for students looking for an immersive, guided experience abroad. Our programs are accredited or experiential so that, as a participant, you can attend while working towards your academic goals, or simply for the fulfilling experience of being introduced in depth to life abroad and to new concepts of study. Our courses provide academic challenge through undergraduate level courses with expert instructors enhanced by lectured cultural excursions to the significant historic and cultural sites of the area such as temple compounds, monuments and natural landmarks.

Students can choose from semester programs and shorter 3 week sessions during which they will be introduced to global issues and differing customs in a friendly, open way with an eye to historic development.Participants develop a widened perspective of the values and lifestyles other communities around the world exhibit as well as enhanced skills for self exploration and understanding of the shades and forms of one’s own culture. Around the clock support, orientation and preparation help are stand out features of our service and well as hand-crafter, tailored and original program features. Scholarship options are available.

Program Location(s): Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Greece

Contact: Jennifer Norris
Phone: 410-497-2053

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