Dynamy Internship Year is the oldest and only residential internship program in the country. Our mission is to offer young people, ages 17-22, a transformational gap year (or semester) opportunity.

Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, Dynamy Internship Year integrates full-time mentored internships in 100+ organizations with urban and backcountry leadership experiences, personal and college/career advising, apartment living, optional college seminars and the company of a remarkable group of peers. Dynamy is designed to help each student build on strengths and hone skills to make the most of their life while preparing for college, a career, and beyond!

Students can attend Dynamy for the full year (September to May), one semester (September to December or January to May), or summer (July to August).

Program Location(s): Domestic — Massachusetts
Phone: 508-755-2571
Email: admissions@dynamy.org
Website: www.dynamy.org

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