Combine the best of study abroad and pre-college experiences all in one program. CET offers four-week, four-credit summer programs and intensive language gap programs throughout the year. These are not your average travel programs.

Each CET pre-college summer program abroad focuses on a specific theme relevant to the program location and offers a conversational language class. While taking an introductory college-level course led by college-level faculty, you’ll immerse in local culture, build confidence, and expand your horizons during a transformative study abroad experience that is invaluable in the college application and preparation process.

CET Gap programs provide the opportunity to develop your skills in Arabic, Chinese, Italian, or Japanese, even if you’re a complete beginner. While participating in activities and excursions alongside college study abroad students, you’ll have options for elective courses and volunteer placements to further your language skills and cultural knowledge. As part of the gap cohort, you’ll have weekly group meetings and individual attention for the support you need.

In all CET programs, you can explore your interests alongside academically motivated peers in an inclusive learning environment and take advantage of CET’s extensive local networks and resources. Enjoy outstanding student support and supervision provided by experienced in-country staff. Prepare with program-specific predeparture information and a thorough onsite orientation. Rely on CET’s comprehensive risk management strategies that prioritize the health and safety of all students.

CET Academic Programs is a study abroad organization that has been developing and delivering innovative educational programs abroad since 1982. Originally “China Educational Tours,” CET began operations in Beijing, and today offers a varied portfolio of semester, summer, and short-term customized programs for college, gap year, high school, and pre-college students in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Known for strong academics, professional program management, and supportive student services, CET strives to integrate students into their host communities, adopt environmentally conscientious practices, and promote diversity and inclusion across all programs.

Program Locations:

Contact: Salwa Saba, Outreach and Marketing Coordinator
Phone:  800.225.4262

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