A+ World Academy is one of the most unique international boarding schools in the world. We give 62 11th and 12th grade students as well as gap year students the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses in a school at sea that travels the globe to more than 20 port cities on the oldest fully-rigged sailing ship in the world. We offer a challenging, rigorous, one of a kind program that develops students into global citizens and leaders with grit, resilience, and perseverance.

A+ World Academy students are pushed to their limits in every aspect from intellectual, social, physical, and cultural while learning to be proactive problem solvers with practical experience and a global perspective. While creating strong academic achievement in our students, we engage them in an extensive experiential education program of rigorous maritime endeavor, close-knit communal living, study in foreign lands, and personal mentoring that cultivates their self-knowledge, resilience, problem-solving, and leadership far beyond that of more traditional school setting.

Our students don’t just worry about getting to class on time, they deal with real issues such as monitoring water consumption from a shared source, recycling’s impact on the environment and living in a socially conscious way to dramatically reduce pollution. They will take part in ship “watches” as part of the mariner crew and will participate in scrubbing, cleaning, and sharing the duties on board. Our students develop life skills such as leadership, resilience, grit, accountability, and team work…characteristics that will lead them to success in both university and in life. They overcome challenges on a daily basis that strengthen both their character and confidence. All of this occurs while attending a full load of AP and standard courses that prepares our students for the top universities around the world! What Harvard once called “the X Factor” of unique university applicants, we call the A+ Factor!

Program Location(s): Around the world
Email: daniela.jaramillo@aplusworldacademy.org or maria.mora@aplusworldacademy.org
Phone: +1.786.942.0126
Website: aplusworldacademy.org

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