Gap Year Fairs Programs

The USA Gap Year Fairs website offers a listing of a variety of different Gap Year programs. All the programs listed below are Keystone Programs; they are registered to participate in the majority of our fairs across the country. Below you will find a profile of each and a link to their full website. If there is a specific program you are interested in or a question you have regarding these programs, please feel free to contact them directly!

Dynamy Internship Year

  • Dynamy Internship Year

Dynamy Internship Year -

Dynamy Internship Year is the oldest and only residential internship program in the country. Our mission is to offer young people, ages 17-22, a transformational gap year (or semester) opportunity. Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, Dynamy Internship Year integrates full-time mentored internships in over 240 organizations with urban and backcountry leadership experiences, personal and college/career advising, city apartment living, optional college seminars and the company of a remarkable group of peers.

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Thinking Beyond Borders

  • Thinking Beyond Borders

Thinking Beyond Borders -

Thinking Beyond Borders empowers and inspires students to address critical global issues with gap year programs intentionally designed to be exciting, supportive, and transformational. We combine deep cultural immersion, working with inspiring local leaders, and engaging readings and discussions to create an incredible learning environment. Program Leaders with Master's degrees in International Development and education will support your learning with seminars and mentoring. TBB's full-year and semester options include a 7-country Global Gap Year, the China Gap Semester, South America Gap Semester, and South Asia Gap Semester.

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Academy at Watkinson

  • Academy at Watkinson

Academy at Watkinson -

The Academy at Watkinson offers a pre-college year designed by YOU. While strengthening your transcript at a historic preparatory school, you can participate in intriguing internships, travel opportunities to amazing places such as London, Cambodia, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. You may take classes at the University of Hartford, and engage in rewarding community service opportunities of your own choosing. Gain independence by living on or off-campus, or with great host families. With help of highly-motivated counselors you design your own unique customized pre-college year. The Academy also welcomes international students!

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Adventures Cross-Country

  • Adventures Cross-Country

Adventures Cross-Country -

ARCC has been offering programs for young adults since 1983. ARCC Gap Semesters are an opportunity to live and learn in some of the greatest classrooms on earth. Our Semester programs embark on a journey of discovery of local peoples, places, cultures and ideas. Along the way we weave together our first person experiences with a curriculum comprising five important themes: Public Health, Literacy & Education, Urbanization and the Movement of People, Environment & Conservation, and Microfinance & Economic Growth and leadership development. ARCC offers Gap Semesters in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) , Asia (China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand ) and Latin America (Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru).

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Africa & Asia Venture, Ltd.

  • Africa & Asia Venture, Ltd.

Africa & Asia Venture, Ltd. -

Established in 1993, Africa & Asia Venture (known as AV) is a small UK-based not-for-profit social enterprise specialising in gap year volunteering projects in the developing world for 18 - 25 year olds. Over 5,500 people from 30+ countries have together contributed more than 1,200 man-years of service to the communities in which we operate. We offer a unique experience of group-based full-immersion projects in rural communities, where volunteers live with the locals the way the locals live and after which they have a period of independent travel time to go wherever they wish, all supported by our dedicated, 24/7, in-country management teams.

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Amigos de las Américas

  • Amigos de las Américas

Amigos de las Américas -

AMIGOS offers Gap Year and Gap Semester opportunities in Nicaragua, Colombia, and Brazil with the goal of empowering youth leaders and promoting community development throughout the Americas. Gap volunteers intern with local development organizations, live with host families, and collaborate with community leaders to carry out sustainable development projects. Additionally, volunteers organize and lead extra-curricular activities for local youth, and create multimedia projects to track and share their activities. As a group, volunteers participate in monthly workshops as well as cultural and historical excursions around their host country. Please visit our website for more detailed information about the structure of each individual Gap Program!

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Art History Abroad

  • Art History Abroad

Art History Abroad -

Study art, architecture and European culture in Italy, Paris and London. Our carefully structured programs last for 12 weeks in the fall, or 6 weeks at other times. We also offer shorter summer courses. Learn about the greatest masterpieces of Western civilization from the ancient world, through the Renaissance and up to the modern era. All teaching is done on-site (in groups of 9 or fewer) by expert and engaging tutors who know how to make the obvious extraordinary and the unusual captivating. Art History Abroad will inspire you, expand your horizons and give you a lifelong appreciation of art and culture.

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Aspire by API

  • Aspire by API

Aspire by API -

Aspire by API, the gap year and high school division of Academic Programs International (API), is dedicated to providing comprehensive gap year and gap semester programs in Argentina, France, Ireland, Italy, and Spain. Aspire by API’s language and cultural immersion programs provide students with opportunities to get involved with the local community, earn college credits, and to develop relevant global skills in an exciting, enriching, safe, and secure setting.

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Carpe Diem International Education

  • Carpe Diem International Education

Carpe Diem International Education -

More than simply a study-abroad experience, Carpe Diem’s programs offer multi-faceted learning opportunities at the global level.  Within a small-group setting, Carpe Diem safely challenges each student and inspires growth and transformation through service learning, adventure travel, community engagement and authentic cultural exchange.  Carpe Diem’s three-month programs are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters with our yearlong Latitudes’ Program designed to expand upon the group travel experience through an individualized focused volunteer placement of the student’s choice. Semester and Latitudes students are able to obtain transferable college credit through our unique relationship with Portland State University.

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Center for Interim Programs

  • Center for Interim Programs

Center for Interim Programs -

Founded in 1980, The Center for Interim Programs is the first and longest-running independent gap-year counseling organization in the United States. Over the last 30 years Interim has developed a database with over 6,000 programs, placements and opportunities all over the world. Our experienced counselors help to create, based on your interests and budget, a customized year of reputable options which include: group travel programs, low cost volunteer options, job-like placements, language schools, wilderness options, academic semesters, research trips and much more. We are the key note speakers at the USA Gap Year Fairs nationwide.

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CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange)

  • CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange)

CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange) -

CIEE offers recent high school graduates a unique way to explore the world.  While on a gap year with CIEE, participants establish and hone skills needed to excel in a globally interdependent world gaining greater appreciation of another culture, language proficiency and a taste of life as a global citizen.

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City Year Inc.

  • City Year Inc.

City Year Inc. -

City Year is an education focused, nonprofit organization that unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service to keep students in school and on track to graduation. At City Year’s 25 urban locations across the United States and two international affiliates, teams of trained young people called corps members serve full-time in schools for the academic year as tutors, mentors and role models. By focusing on attendance, behavior and course performance, which identify students who are at risk of dropping out, corps members are uniquely able to help students and schools succeed.

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École Internationale d’Étude de la Terre /  International School for Earth Studies

  • École Internationale d’Étude de la Terre /  International School for Earth Studies

École Internationale d’Étude de la Terre /  International School for Earth Studies -

Earth Studies offers outdoor skills combined with wildlife rehabilitation and animal husbandry! Here, you will look after a sled dog team, be trained in natural horsemanship, and gain inner awareness within our vast Canadian wilderness. Learn basic wilderness first aid and traditional medicine, master primitive fire making, practice beginner canoeing and tracking skills. We teach a simple life, nurture orphaned indigenous fauna, and maintain one of the few provincially licensed wildlife rehabilitation centers in all of Québec.  Programs range from 4 hours to 10 weeks and it is customizable for your benefit. We make expeditions to remote spots to visit whales, indigenous communities and sacred places. Students spend much of their program on campus to develop a deep awareness of self and place. We are less concerned that you walk away with hard facts; rather that you trust your intuition. 

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EF International Language Centers

  • EF International Language Centers

EF International Language Centers -

At EF our mission and our passion are one and the same. For almost 50 years, we've helped millions of students become citizens of the world by breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography. Through cultural exchanges, educational travel, language training and degree programs we are the World Leader in International Education.  Join us to and invest in your dreams and experience total cultural immersion abroad. Achieve fluency and see the world at one of our accredited International Language Centers, located in some of the world’s greatest cities.  Our 6, 9 and 11-month gap year programs are personalized to focus on your career and academic goals. Short term courses starting from 2 weeks and up are also available year round.   College credit and internship opportunities ensure you’re always adding to your resume during the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll become a citizen of the world by studying alongside students from 100 countries.  Study French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, or Japanese abroad and live the language with EF!

 Visit for more information or call the Admissions Office at 1-800-992-1892 for a personalized study abroad consultation today!

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EnRoute Consulting

  • EnRoute Consulting

EnRoute Consulting -

EnRoute Consulting creates customized itineraries for students who are looking for a meaningful, rewarding gap year. Director Julia Rogers offers a personalized, supportive approach in connecting young people with vetted opportunities domestically and abroad.  We specialize in assisting students who are enthusiastic about taking a gap year but don’t yet know how or where to best spend their time.  In addition to mentoring students throughout the planning process, we are passionate about connecting our clients with high-quality options that fit their interests, goals and budget. Itineraries can include elements such as volunteering, interning, language study, outdoor adventure, independent travel and enrichment programs. EnRoute offers a range of affordable services to give students and their parents the knowledge and confidence to execute their ideal gap year plan.

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First Abroad

  • First Abroad

First Abroad -

Based in Boston and the sister company of Gap 360, Britain's leading gap year provider, First Abroad caters to Americans who want to explore the world, take a break from school or work, develop a new career or hobby, or all of the above. First Abroad welcomes 18-and-up gappers from every background, education and skill level. Travelers take part in paid jobs abroad, volunteer and internship positions, adventure and cultural tours, backpacker bus pass trips, self-development odysseys and everything in between. With nearly 200 trips to 50+ countries, there's a gap experience for everyone.

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Gap Year South Africa

  • Gap Year South Africa

Gap Year South Africa -

Gap Year South Africa harnesses the power of volunteerism and aims to connect the developed world with the developing world. We believe in the power and importance of committing time and energy into a developmental project. Our on the ground organization in South Africa has an extensive network of contacts and intimate knowledge of local conditions, which allows us to organize the best possible South African Gap Year projects.  Gap Year South Africa works extremely closely with under-resourced local South African communities. At the core of Gap Year South Africa’s DNA are our community development projects. This is our primary objective as an organization and we want to welcome volunteers that are motivated to make a difference and serve others that have been afforded very little opportunity in life. Our South African Gap Year projects contribute to social and economic development and address priority areas such as education, health, moral regeneration and social cohesion.  In addition to our community development initiatives we also offer Surfing and Sports Coaching projects. These provide volunteers with the opportunity to focus on a specific sport whilst serving our local community as well. 

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Global Citizen Year

  • Global Citizen Year

Global Citizen Year -

Global Citizen Year is a non-profit social enterprise that is building the next generation of American leaders through an immersive “bridge year” in the developing world.  Each year, we recruit and train a diverse corps of high potential high school graduates and support them through a transformative “bridge year” after high school. Through intensive training and immersion in communities across Africa, Latin America (and eventually Asia and the Middle East) our Fellows contribute to local efforts in education, technology, health and the environment while developing the self-awareness, grit and global skills they need to be transformative leaders in college, careers and life. For more information, visit

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International Studies Abroad ISA & ISA High School

  • International Studies Abroad ISA & ISA High School

International Studies Abroad ISA & ISA High School -

ISA offers Gap programs for semester or academic year after high school graduation, semester and year programs for college students through ISA, and short term summer programs through ISA High School for current high school students. ISA Gap Year Programs offer high school graduates the opportunity to study abroad before entering college. Students can choose from a variety of ISA programs in over 14 countries. Gap Year is ideal for students who want to explore their interests, dive into unfamiliar territory, and enter college more focused and independent. ISA-HS is designed especially for students who are currently enrolled in high school. ISA-HS summer programs emphasize language acquisition and cultural immersion for students at various levels of proficiency. Students take classes at an accredited foreign university and earn college credit while living with a homestay.

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LEAPNOW: Transforming Education

  • LEAPNOW: Transforming Education

LEAPNOW: Transforming Education -

LEAPNOW runs LEAPYEAR, the only gap year program that is a full academic year in length, focuses equally on international travel and your inner journey and features a fully integrated and accredited year of college and rites of passage.  With LEAPYEAR you can take a year "on" without having to take a year "off."  LEAPYEAR includes 3 months of guided group travel and adventure in Asia or Latin America (your choice); a 3-month individual internship chosen from a database of over 6,300 opportunities in 126 countries; and 4 residential retreats at our California campus devoted to making a graceful and inspired transition into adulthood.   The program is accredited through Naropa University, with FAFSA access to Federal financial aid and generous private scholarships.  LEAPYEAR is an antidote to too many years spent in stale classrooms, and will help you "get a life" before you get the rest of your education. 

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Maximo Nivel

  • Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel -

Máximo Nivel believes in experiential education as a means to develop skills and understanding; ultimately, transforming international learners and travelers into global citizens and leaders.  We are dedicated to providing a successful and supportive learning environment through personalized programs and delivering the best education, language, and cultural experiences in Latin America.  We are a leading social enterprise in the Americas, located in three of the most beautiful and biodiverse countries in the world – Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.   In all three countries, we offer our International Internship, International Volunteer, Native Spanish, TEFL/TESOL Certification, and University Semester Abroad Programs.  As well for youth ages 13-17, Máximo Nivel offers its Youth Spanish Camp in Costa Rica during Summer and Winter breaks.

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National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

  • National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) -

For nearly 50 years, the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) has been the leader in wilderness education. More than 223,000 students have learned and mastered outdoor skills, developed leadership, and studied environmental ethics in the world’s most spectacular and wild classrooms. NOLS offers over 65 course types in skill areas including backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, sea kayaking, sailing, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, horsepacking, and wilderness medicine on courses ranging from nine days to an academic year. Each year, NOLS provides $1.5 million in scholarship assistance to our students, and optional academic credit is available for all courses.

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Next Step China, LLC

  • Next Step China, LLC

Next Step China, LLC -

Next Step China offers flexible and affordable programs to Study Chinese, Intern, Volunteer or Teach English from 1 month to a year. Our popular Teen Immersion and Gap Year Program helps you experience China in ways you never imagined before. Students interested in studying Chinese can do so at a top university in China or with our high qualified teachers 7 hours a day exploring the city of Beijing or Shanghai. Teens can also take part in an internship or volunteer while studying the language.  Nevertheless, our programs can be customized to fit your needs. Whatever your interest level is - NSC will help you experience China the right way.  

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Outward Bound

  • Outward Bound

Outward Bound -

Leading The Way In Experiential Education For 50 Years.

Over one million students in the U.S. have benefited from Outward Bound's unparalleled approach to "learning by doing." Outward Bound in the U.S. traces its roots to 1962 when courses were developed to prepare young people entering the Peace Corps and careers in foreign service. Today, Outward Bound offers courses in some of the most spectacular and inspiring settings in the United States and in Central and South America, successfully preparing students to confront the challenges they face today with self-confidence, tenacity and compassion. From 30 days to 85 days, from mountaineering to dog sledding to swimming with dolphins to service projects in remote villages, student emerge from Outward Bound with new insights about themselves, about teamwork and compassion and about how to make a difference in the world. Follow us on FacebookExplore our Gap Year and Semester offerings.

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RIDGE Mountain Academy

  • RIDGE Mountain Academy

RIDGE Mountain Academy -

RIDGE Mountain Academy is a campus-based gap year enrichment program that revolves around mountain sports. Located in Whitefish, Montana, RIDGE is designed for male and female student athletes ages 17 to 20 that are interested in strengthening their training, forging new skills, and discovering their passions. A fusion of mountain sports, education, and life skills, the semester program prepares student athletes of all abilities—beginner to elite—to develop balance, purpose, and their true potential.

Learn to Live & Train like an Athlete

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Rustic Pathways

  • Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways -

A global leader in community service, experiential education, and international adventures for young adults, Rustic Pathways facilitates incredibly unique and powerful Gap Year programs. While emphasizing safety, positivity, and respect, these experiences can help participants build maturity and independence crucial to success in college and careers. Choose to travel for one month on a Gap Year Block program, or connect three blocks together to complete a full Gap Year Semester. Programs run across Latin America, the South Pacific, Asia, and Africa. 

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  • Sansori

Sansori -

Sansori’s Bridge Year allows students to learn, through their own experiences, how to integrate commerce, compassion and community in their personal and business lives. Through international travel, cultural immersion, online business seminars, and on-the-job training at established social enterprises, students emerge from the Bridge year program with a clear sense of what contribution they wish to make in their community and how to do so, ways to support themselves financially, and the tools to center their mind and body as they navigate through the world.

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Sea | mester

  • Sea | mester

Sea | mester -

Sea|mester offers a range of unique gap-year adventures where our students live full-time aboard either S/Y Ocean Star or S/Y Argo sailing from island to island, country to country or continent to continent in any number of global locations. In this way, no part of the experience is confined by the four walls of a traditional classroom. If you're looking for a unique educational adventure, then Sea|mester could be the right program for you. Throughout the year, Sea|mester offers global semester at sea voyages for college students and high school graduates. From voyages as short as 20 days to as long as 90, S/Y Ocean Star, our 88-foot schooner, sails full-time in the Caribbean, whereas our new vessel S/Y Argo circumnavigates the world. Along the way, our crews visit many different islands and countries, undertaking research and service projects with local government and private organizations while simultaneously working toward their academics and certifications.

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Summit Adventure

  • Summit Adventure

Summit Adventure -

Summit Adventure is a nonprofit organization that uses experiential education, adventure, service and cross-cultural immersion as tools to move individuals and groups out of their comfort zone and into more reliance on God and each other. Since our founding in 1973, our participants have told us that their experiences have been transformational. We offer courses domestically in Yosemite, Joshua Tree, West Virginia, and Death Valley or internationally in Ecuador, Mexico, Patagonia and the Holy Land. The Summit Adventure Immersion Service and Adventure Semester (ISAS) gives participants opportunities to immerse themselves in powerful outdoor adventure and cross-cultural service learning. The High Sierra of Central California and the Andes around Quito, Ecuador provide the settings for courses in leadership, communication, spiritual formation, cross-cultural ministry, and outdoor physical education. Participants in ISAS can earn up to 16 academic credits for the experience.  A semester of Christ-centered adventure-based learning and community living in high mountains and foreign cultures will change you forever.

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Take Australia

  • Take Australia

Take Australia -

As a designated J-1 SWT visa sponsor by the US Department of State, World Wide Cultural Exchange (WWCE) is dedicated to open the doors for travelers to experience the world. TAKE AUSTRALIA is WWCE's exciting cultural exchange program for new grads and gap year students that enables travelers of ages 18-30 to Work and Travel in Australia up to 12 months. TAKE AUSTRALIA participants enjoy the convenience of WWCE's ongoing support throughout the program and get a membership access to an exclusive online job database that consist of several cool job opportunities. Short-term and long-term job placements are available from a few days to 6 months at a time. 

Go. Find. Take. Rule!

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The Experiment in International Living

  • The Experiment in International Living

The Experiment in International Living -

The Experiment in International Living has been offering immersive experiential learning programs abroad since 1932. Today, The Experiment offers summer programs for high school students (including high school graduates who have not yet enrolled at a college/university) in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia and the Pacific. Students are challenged to explore the host country through hands-on experiences in local communities and through the lens of a specific theme: The Arts, The Environment, Peace, Politics, & Human Rights, Sustainability & Food Systems, and Cultural Discovery. Need-based scholarships are available to all students who apply for admission and financial aid.

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The Leap

  • The Leap

The Leap -

The Leap is an award winning leading gap year company, established by Guy and Milly Whitehead in 2002, who with their dedicated team are on hand 24/7 to help plan, deliver and manage your gap year. Volunteering (environmental and game conservation, teaching/child care, community building, sports and adventure), internships (medical, law, teaching, child care and business), summer gaps and equine placements for a semester, 6 to 10 weeks or longer, across Africa, Asia and South America. All programs include a mix of projects, in a mix of locations, challenging both mind + muscle. Travel as part of a Leap team for an instant social life and great camaraderie.

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  • VisitOz

VisitOz -

Visitoz - visit Australia - is the only organisation in Australia that guarantees jobs for young people coming to our country on a Work and Holiday Visa.  The visa is for people between the ages of 18 and 30, but most participants are in the 18/19 Gap Year age group.   We meet them at Brisbane airport on a Thursday morning and they get together with all the rest of their group at the YHA hostel that evening.  The next morning they travel together to Rainbow Beach for some sun, sand, sea and surf while getting over jetlag.  On Monday morning we send a bus over to meet them and bring them back to the Visitoz headquarters on Springbrook Farm.  Here we do the necessary red tape paperwork with them, the bank comes to meet them and we get them work ready over the next five days - they learn a lot about living and working in the countryside.  We teach them a lot about safety, they get to ride horses and motorbike, drive tractors and work with cattle, make fences and learn basic vehicle maintenance skills.  While on the farm they get job offers, they speak to the employers on the phone and decide which job to accept.  On their 9th day in Australia they go to the paid job of their choice.  The basic requirements for the programme are (a) the ability to speak English! (b) a driving licence and (c) a willingness to get their hands dirty.  Visitoz starts training courses every Thursday throughout the year except over Christmas and New Year - when everyone needs a rest.

The sort of jobs we provide are anything you can do in a rural area, work on a farm, with horses, cattle or sheep, drive machinery for harvest, work as a carpenter, builder or general helper, work in a hotel, restaurant, pub or rural resorts - and work with children, nanny work, teaching and homestead helper jobs.
For young Americans this is a huge chance to get away from home and stand on their own two feet, to manage their own finances, to make their own decisions like when to work and when to holiday and how to spend the money their earn.  A great chance to grow up and become citizens of the world before going to University.

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Where There Be Dragons

  • Where There Be Dragons

Where There Be Dragons -

Global Citizenship & Leadership Programs in the Developing World

Now celebrating its twentieth season, Where There Be Dragons ("Dragons" for short) runs small-group learning adventures in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Through off-the-beaten-path travel, service, home-stays, language study and wilderness exploration, Dragons provides an honest and authentic survey of culture, landscape and development issues in the world's most intriguing locales. Since 1993, Dragons has been a pioneer in the field of cross-cultural experiential education. Here’s what a recent parent said: “We wanted a program outside of convention. There are many programs that are glorified teen-tours. We sought an experience that would challenge our son and introduce him to the education involved not only in sojourning within foreign landscapes, but in building relationships within a community.” Dragons has brought students on small-group learning adventures to Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa since 1993. 

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Youth For Understanding (YFU)

  • Youth For Understanding (YFU)

Youth For Understanding (YFU) -

YFU advances intercultural understanding, mutual respect, and social responsibility through educational exchanges for youth, families and communities. The global YFU network, consisting of partners in more than 60 different countries, is united by the belief that full cultural immersion is the most effective means to gain the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly multicultural, interconnected and competitive global society.

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Youth International

  • Youth International

Youth International -

Since 1997, Youth International has been providingmany peoplewith the most exciting, fulfilling and educational experience of their life.  Youth International is an experiential learning program that combines rugged international travel, inter-cultural exchange, home stays, volunteer community service work, and outdoor adventure. Teams of up to 14 people between the ages of 18 and 25 travel together with two group leaders. For a full 3-months, they explore three countries in one region of the world.  Youth International currently offers two programs: Asia(Nepal, India, and Thailand)and South America(Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands). Programs begin in September and February.

Through a balanced combination of experiences, each team member is set up for an intense and dynamic first-hand education about the region in which they are travelling. At the same time, they are presented with a unique environment and opportunity for self-discovery.Community service work comprises a major component of the program, and includes projects such as: helping to build or renovate schools, homes, and orphanages, teaching, and conservation work.  Youth International is a unique way to immerse yourself in different cultures, make a difference, and challenge your limits!

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