Imagine studying Buddhism in the temples of Angkor Wat, examining communism in the Silk Market of Beijing, or observing efforts in ecological sustainability while scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Learning about the world and how to live in it is the essence of education and at MEI our mission is to provide lessons that inspire REAL education. For over 20 years, experienced MEI teachers have provided safe and supportive environments for students to expand their horizons and earn accredited courses at the grade 11, 12 and AP levels. Unlike typical exchange programs that are confined to one location, MEI students travel around the world studying subject matter that connects with each location. Picture yourself studying Spanish in Barcelona, or the Caesars in the Roman Forum, or perhaps contemplating the World Wars from the trenches at Vimy Ridge in France. We believe that the best education lies in experiencing the world around us where there are no desks and no walls: the world is our classroom.

MEI offers summer and full year programs that are accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students from outside of Ontario, Canada will have counselors work with school administrators to verify equivalency credits.

Program Location(s): Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Central America
Phone: 905-880-1492

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