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  • Kathy Cheng

Kathy Cheng

Director of Admission


Dynamy Internship Year


Kathy is the Director of Admission at Dynamy Internship Year and plays a lead role in bringing you the USA Gap Year Fairs. Kathy is enthused by this opportunity to join such a well regarded and successful program like Dynamy Internship Year. Her background is in higher education admission. She worked at institutions such as Emerson College and Clark University and helped to guide students and families through the admission process as an Assistant Director. From this career path Kathy is very passionate about working with students to find the appropriate path for them.

Kathy's experiences include teaching Chinese at The College of the Holy Cross, Clark University’s Upward Bound and as an independent tutor. She worked in Shanghai, China in the Free Trade Zone and returns to China every couple of years to visit family. Kathy holds a Masters from Emerson College in Integrated Marketing Communication and is a published author in Search Engine Optimization, From Dial-Up to Dialogue. In her free time she is volunteering with the local animal rescue in Worcester and menotring through Dynamy's Youth Academy to help first generation, low income high school students bridge the college access gap.  

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